Stop and Smell the Roses (or candles for that matter)

Posted by harvestglow 24/08/2014 0 Comment(s)

That saying has been spoken many times over the years; “stop and smell the roses!” Do any of us really do that anymore? With the 60 or more hour work weeks, the carpools, the soccer games, the fast paced day in day out assembly line of life, is there any time? How I long for the day when I was a child and felt time stood still. Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back on your couch cuddled up with a blanket, your loved one, some old fashioned popcorn and watch “I Love Lucy” re-runs? What can make this even more pleasing? How about the comforting aroma of apple pie baking in the oven? Ok, so you’re not a baker, but you can still enjoy that comforting fragrance with a candle. “Stop and Smell the Candles”.

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing. It can calm us, energize us, seduce us, and even bring us back to a time in our lives we enjoy reminiscing about. Candles make up roughly $2 billion of retail industry sales (National Candle Association). Natural waxes like soy wax are becoming a major portion of these sales.

Soy wax is created from soybean plants to produce a cleaner burning, natural alternative to synthetic waxes. You are able to enjoy the fragrances without the worry of black soot getting on your walls, windows, curtains, or worse into your lungs!

Harvest Glow, LLC hand makes pure soy wax candles. With many fragrances to choose from you can wind down from a hard day’s work, energize yourself to enjoy life, or make someone think you’re baking homemade bread!

The majority of us work, clean, run errands, and raise a family; but we don’t have to deprive ourselves of stopping to smell the “candles”. We will be a happier bunch of work-alcoholics for doing so!

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