Fundraising with Soy Candles

Sandy Cadenhead, Harvest Glow LLC

We've all been there before; that moment when a friend, co-worker, or family member breaks out little Sally's fundraiser order form....$15 for 3 ounces of chocolate candies or 3 sheets of wrapping paper for $20! We try to sneak out of the room very quietly or quickly pick up the phone before we can be asked to take a look.

Then our conscious gets us and we slowly grab the order sheet and say, "sure, I'll take a look". The items hold no desire and we don't even care if they get delivered; we chalk this one up to a simple donation.

Soy candles, however; produce a different response. Similar to the response those yummy Girl Scout Cookies magically produce for anyone who' dunked a Do-si-do or ate a whole box of Samoas. Candles in general are a leading gift item and are used in the majority of households. Who doesn't want to smell a deliciously fragranced candle. Add the characteristic of being a natural wax - soy, produced from the soybean plant and you find yourself ordering one in every fragrance choice! One for your aunt's birthday, two for you, one for your sister-inlaw's new house, three for you.

So whether you are the organization or the supporter; take a look at candles (especially soy candles) for your fundraising needs. You will be pleasantly surprised with the success a quality soy candle, such as Harvest Glow, LLC can help an organization achieve!

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