At Harvest Glow our pure soy wax candles and melting cubes are created by hand. You won't find any automatic assembly lines in our candle shop. Pouring our soy candles by hand in small batches means we can monitor our precise formulas to provide you with the finest soy candles. We are not selling millions of "okay" candles. We are selling one of the best small soy candle lines. Quality over quantity is our motto at Harvest Glow.


... I like it that your wax melts last a long time and smell great Thanks
From Spokane Washington 

Go Green with Harvest Glow natural soy candles! For each soy candle purchase you make, you are helping support soybean farmers while making our world a little greener. That's because using soy candles and soy wax melting cubes helps reduce our dependency on foreign crude oil; the stuff paraffin wax is a by-product of.

U.S. soybean farmers produce over half of the world oilseed production (soystats).The use of soy wax in candle making helps increase the demand for soybeans as an alternative to paraffin candles.

You can feel good about your Harvest Glow natural soy candle purchase. Not only are you supporting soybean farmers; you are getting an eco-friendly candle made from premium ingredients from the U.S.

Candles are More Than Home Fragrance

Whether you choose our mason jar soy candles, soy melting cubes, action or infusion spray you will experience
the wonderful aromas of our premium scented soy wax to relax, energize, and reminisce.
Aromas can be therapy for our tired minds and bodies. Luckily, we also have a few soy
candles to help disguise your teenage boy's stinky room. However you choose to smell
our scented soy wax candles, we hope you enjoy them and allow us to be your candle supplier!