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Happy Holidays

Natural Soy Candles What’s New at Harvest Glow®

Summer Scented Candles Have you tried the holiday scents they are great smelling fresh scents to have in you’r home for the holidays season. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Summer is over now fall and winter is coming. The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming soon. Try the holiday scents Holiday Home. Fresh Cut Pine is a grest smell and Ginergbread Cookies is wonderfull, it is like being in your Grand Mothers kitchen smelling her baking. The McIntosh Apple is a great smelling of fresh apples, Crème Brulee, Harvest Glow’s best Holiday Candle Scent! Well, Mulberry Spice is good, Yuletide should be added….okay, okay, we’re biased, it’s best to check out all our addictive Scented Candle Fragrances to choose the one that sparks your interest!

Try The NEW scent Apple Caramel Crunch , Pumpkin Spice , Red Hot Cinnamon this Frargance with be get for Thankgiving ORDER your today.

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